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Union Cloud: ML and Data Orchestration powered by Flyte

Flyte is helping organizations like Spotify and Lyft build a new generation of products that make elegant use of complex data and machine learning.

Now Union AI, the team behind Flyte, has created a managed version of the workflow orchestrator, freeing data and ml teams from infrastructure constraints and setup.
We use machine learning every day:  it powers our internet searches, shopping carts, song lists, social media feeds, shared rides, even how we order our food.
Driving Lyft

Flyte has been serving production model training and data processing at Lyft for more than four years. The platform manages more than 10,000 unique workflows at Lyft. Every month, that’s more than 1 million executions, 20 million tasks, and 40 million containers.

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Building Worlds is an Austrian startup that generates photorealistic digital 3D maps of the entire planet. Processing up to 2.5 petabytes of content for 1.5 billion building footprints, Blackshark uses Flyte for AI detection and content generation.

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Powerful Tools for Perfect Execution

Flyte workflows are typesafe directed graphs of independent tasks that can be easily visualized and reasoned about
Flyte workflows
Union Cloud: Infrastructure and Operations

Union Cloud: Minimal Infrastructure and Operations

Union Cloud extends the power of Flyte to ML engineers who want to build great data and ML products free from infrastructure constraints.

Built for ML and Data Science

Union Cloud is designed for data and ML teams who don’t want the overhead of maintaining and managing Flyte deployments, setting up Kubernetes infrastructures, and provisioning security and data policies.

Flyte deployments

Managed Flyte Orchestration

Manage access to data and the infrastructure that executes tasks on Kubernetes. Union Cloud manages the Flyte installation that orchestrates the workflows without special network connections or permissions. This relieves ML teams from managing Flyte itself, while the data stays on-premise.

Get Started

Sign up for Union Cloud access
Provision A Kubernetes cluster & S3 bucket
Deploy union agent
Start writing code

Flyte self-managed vs Union Cloud

  • World-class orchestration
  • Data-aware & type safe
  • Reproducibility
  • Extensions and backend plugins
  • Authentication
  • Support for Python, Java & Scala
  • Integrates seamlessly with ML ecosystem
  • Task & Workflow sharing
  • Managed Flyte to unburden your eng team
  • High SLA and on-call support
  • Integrated monitoring & observability
  • Managed authentication & authorization
  • Improved discovery for shared tasks & workflows*
  • Improved performance and cost-savings
  • SOC 2 compliance*
*Coming soon dashboard

The Flyte Platform

Concurrent, scalable, and maintainable workflows for machine learning and data processing

Multilingual: Python, Java and Scala

Flyte's primary programming interface is based in plain and simple Python. Configuration is done in-line, no YAML is required, and workflows can be tested locally before shipping, Java and Scala SDKs are also available, and powerful programmatic access ships standard.

Flyte programming interface
Flyte programming interface

Monitor and Visualize data and ml workflows

The Flyte Console gives you visibility into your workflows, tasks, schedules, executions, failures, timeouts, retries, and more. Track performance, view logs, and debug failures as you iterate on your model development.


Union is designed to complement any data and ML stack

data and ML stack

How Spotify Leverages Flyte to Coordinate Deep Financial Analytics Company-Wide

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video service that gives access to millions of songs and other content from creators all over the world. As a product, Spotify comprises...

232M active users
Total valuation is $66.94B
Over 1 billion app installs
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Large Scale Processing with Flyte:’s Semantic 3D Planet is an Austrian startup that generates real-time, accurate, searchable, and photorealistic digital 3D maps of the infrastructure of the entire planet. For instance....

$20M Round of Funding
Backed by Microsoft
Team of 100+ people
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Adopting Flyte at Gojek

Gojek is an on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology group operating in Southeast Asia. It has 20+ services ranging from food, transportation to payments and entertainment. In 2021, the Gojek ecosystem contributed 1.7% of the Indonesian GDP, indicating that the user base is quite large. Hence, scalability and reliability are of critical importance.

190 million+ app downloads
2 million+ driver partners
900,000+ GoFood merchants
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