Meet the team

Union was founded in 2021 by engineers from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and most recently, Lyft, where they created Flyte.

Our team hails from backgrounds in molecular biology, architecture, agriculture, environmental engineering, and software engineering. We believe in customer success, technical excellence, and mutual respect.

Photo of Ketan Umare - Founder -
Ketan Umare
Photo of Haytham - Founder -
Haytham Abuelfutuh
Photo of George Snelling - Founder -
George Snelling
Photo of George Snelling - Founder -
Martin Stein
Chief Marketing Officer
Photo of Katrina - Founder -
Katrina Rogan
Photo of Yee Hing Tong - Founder -
Yee Hing Tong
Photo of Niels Bantilan - ML engineer-
Niels Bantilan
Machine Learning Engineer
Photo of Hongxun Jin - UX designer -
Hongxun Jin
Senior UX Designer
Photo of Sandra - Marketing content manager -
Sandra Youssef
Marketing Content Manager
Photo of Samhita - SME -
Samhita Alla
SWE & Tech Evangelist
Photo of Prafulla - software engineer -
Prafulla Mahindrakar
Software Engineer
Photo of Yuvraj - software engineer -
Yuvraj Yadav
Software Engineer
Photo of Jason - software engineer manager -
Jason Porter
Software Engineering Manager
Photo of Hailey Meyer - Executive Business Partner -
Hailey Meyer
Executive Business Partner
Photo of Sean - software engineer -
Sean Lin
Software Engineer
Photo of Eduardo - software engineer -
Eduardo Apolinario
Software Engineer
Photo of Daniel - software engineer -
Daniel Rammer
Software Engineer
Photo of Kevin - software engineer -
Kevin Su
Software Engineer
Photo of Smriti - Technical writer -
Smriti Satyanarayana
Technical Writer
Photo of Nastya - software engineer -
Nastya Rusina
Software Engineer
Photo of Alekhya - Technical writer -
Alekhya Sai
Technical Writer
Photo of Olga - software engineer -
Olga Nad
Software Engineer
Photo of Carina - software engineer -
Carina Ursu
Software Engineer
Photo of Marc - Technical writer -
Marc Paquette
Technical Writer
Photo of Eugene - software engineer -
Eugene Jahn
Software Engineer
Photo of James - software engineer -
James Truong
Software Engineer

Our Values


Union promotes a culture of mutual respect and transparency.


Union prioritizes its customers at its core internal alignment.


Union delivers on its commitments in the most ethical and genuine manner.


No idea is small, and no idea is wrong. Every idea is heard - always.

Fearless Innovation

Union is not afraid to test, experiment, and take calculated risks in order to foster innovation.

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